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Comet ISON (C/2012 S1)
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To the human eye, ISON is just a faint smudge of magnitude +5.5. Backyard telescopes are revealing much more. The effects of the outburst have propagated into the comet's suddenly riotous tail, as shown in this image taken just hours ago by Jerry Lodriguss of Atsion, New Jersey:

"After its recent outburst, Comet ISON was looking very interesting this morning with multiple streamers in the tail," says Lodriguss.

Anticipation is building as Comet ISON plunges into the inner solar system for a close encounter with the sun in November 2013. Blasted at point-blank range by solar radiation, the sungrazer will likely become one of the finest comets in many years. Join Garry to examine this comet and famous comets of history. Astronomer Fred Whipple described a comet as “...a dirty snowball, a ball of frozen ices mixed with dirt,composed of the elements carbon and sulfur, and silicates”.But, what is the composition of the frozen ices and snows? Water? Methane (natural gas)? Ammonia? Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide? Methyl cyanide? Hydrogen cyanide? Come and find out and enjoy Garry’s notable special effects into deep space

Friday's: 11/1/2013 - 12/6/2013
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On the first day of class, Friday November 1, 2013, Comet Ison will be crossing the orbit of Earth on it’s inbound journey around the Sun.

On Thanksgiving weekend Comet Ison will be at it’s closest approach to the Sun, A mere 1.3 million miles from it’s hot surface. Will Ison disintegrate, or survive this close passage to the Sun?

imagesizerCurrently, Comet Ison has just passed by Mars, and is a shining in telescopes with an erie green glow!

At the least it will be visible to the eye and binoculars in the early morning skies late in November! In class we will track Ison’s progress, viewing the latest photographs from Space Craft and telescope.

In class we’ll also learn how to find the comet in the early morning sky, and how to photograph it!

The views and the knowledge learned about comets and Ison in particular will be unprecedented... Join history in the making, whether Ison Blossoms in to a spectacular view or Ison Fizzles in the heat of the Sun.

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