Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

September 6, 1979
Celestron 8 Somewhere near Bull Run off of Larch Mountain Road in Oregon.

Sky & Telescope thought it was rather curious that there was that real dark area on the left side???

Curling Cartoon


Well, I like and play the game of Curling!
And, that is exactly what I'd say, and then watch it!

And, now I'm webmaster of the Evergreen Curling Club's Web Site!

Cover Odyssey Magazine

A Cover Photograph

Published on the 10th Anniversary of the first launch. The Photo was taken on April 11, 1981 at Sunset, the evening before the Maiden Flight of the shuttle Columbia STS-1. Can you spot what's different about the shuttle now?



STS 1 -Maiden Flight of the Columbia
Published in Astronomy Magazine, April, 1984 Photo taken April 12, 1981, 400mm Nikon lense. Maiden Flight of the Columbia.

Chicken on a Throne or Beer/Ginger Ale Butt Chicken

1 large chicken (4 - 5 Lb..)
Wash, remove fat lumps and pat dry.

8 table spoons of Sweet & Sour Rub

The Rub:
3 table spoons Kosher salt
3 table spoons Black Pepper
3 Table spoons paprika
3 table spoons brown sugar
Thoroughly stir ingredients in a mixing bowl.

one 12 ounce can of beer

If roasting chicken in an oven:
make a smoke baste of 3 table spoons butter, 1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke.

If Grilling (BBQ)
2 cups hickory wood chips soaked in water 1 hour then drain water

Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons rub in the cavity of the chicken.
(If roasting the bird in an oven, brush the outside skin of the chicken with
the baste)
Sprinkle and rub onto the skin (outside of chicken) 4 tablespoons of rub...

Open the beer can (or Ginger Ale) and pour out (or drink) 1/2 of the beer (or Ginger Ale).

Make some additional holes in the TOP of the can.

Add the remaining 2 tablespoons of rub to the can of beer (or Ginger Ale).

Hold the chicken upright, insert the beer (or Ginger Ale)can into the cavity. Spread the
chicken legs to form a tripod so the chicken can sit upright.

Grill Method: Set up the grill for indirect grilling (see Below). Place the
bird in the center cook until golden brown and fall-off-the-bone tender about
2 - 2 1/2 hours

Oven Method: Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.
Place the bird upright in a roasting pan and roast until golden brown and
fall-off-the-bone tender. 2 - 2 1/2 hours

When done remove the beer can (or Ginger Ale) and carve the chicken.

Indirect Grilling

Charcoal Grill:
1: light 50 pieces of coal. When coals are glowing red rake the coals into
two piles of 25 coals at either end of the grill. Put an aluminum drip pan
in the center.

2: Install grilling rack above the coals and drip pan.

3: Put food in the center over the drip pan.

4: Toss pre-soaked drained hardwood chips on coals. Cover and adjust vents to
obtain a temperature of 350 degrees.

5: After an hour add 10 coals to each side, leave grill uncovered until new
coals begin burning. Cover and continue cooking...

Gas Grill:
1: with a two burner Grill: Pre-heat one side to high; put food on other side.
2: with a 3 burner grill: light the front and rear, or right and left burners
and cook food in the center.
3: with a four burner grill; light outside burners, cook food in the center

Using wood Chips... If grill has a smoker box use manufacturer's instructions.
If not, wrap chips in foil, poke holes on the top and place package on a
burner. You may have to pre-heat the grill to high to get the wood chips to
smoke (reduce heat to desired temperature when chips are smoking).


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