Process 2010 Tone Settings

As you change slider settings, watch the Histogram to see what is happening... in Lightroom it is possible to make the same "edits" in the it is "interactive!"


Process 2012 Tone Settings


Process 2010

What's the difference between Exposure and Brightness?

either brightens or darkens the entire image with the largest affect on the highlights. Earlier we used Exposure to reduce highlight clipping. You can always make a re-adjustment at any time!

Attempts to pull data out of the clipped highlights, even if there is only data in one or two of the clipped channels.

Fill Light
lightens the dark shadowed areas... drawing out detail by generating a soft edged mask to protect highlighted areas, makes this tool processor intensive. Extreme settings can produce white halos...

The Black slider does the same thing as Recovery except it does it for the blacks that are clipped (It gives the overall effect of increasing contrast in the shadows and mid-tones.)

The Brightness setting brightens or darkens the image around the mid-gray values without forcing clipping in the blacks and highlights (however, large changes might re-introduce Clipping...)

If you move the slider to the right highlights will compress and shadows will expand. The opposite occurs when you move the slider to the left.

Contrast increases or decreases image contrast, mainly affecting mid-tones. When you increase contrast, the middle-to-dark image areas become darker, and the middle-to-light image areas become lighter. Generally, you use the Contrast property to adjust the contrast of the mid tones after setting the Exposure, Blacks, and Brightness values.

Process 2012

Combines the Exposure and Brightness sliders in the 2010 process. Sets overall image brightness.
now scene‚Äźdependent, offsetting its operational midpoint slightly depending on whether you are editing a low key or high key image.
luminance control for "mid-tone to highlight" works in both positive and negative directions and on an evenly balanced scale. You can lighten or darken the highlights
luminence control for "mid-tone to shadow" regions, (overlaps between highlights slightly). Work in both positive and negative directions and on an evenly balanced scale. You can lighten or darken the shadow areas...
White and Black
are used to adjust the end points for the image's brightest and darkest tones, respectively. Sets your white and black points.

The Presence Controls

A 3 times stronger affect in process 2012, Increases/decreases Mid-tone Contrast, Similar to unsharp masking as Clarity can introduce white halos. It's a The lens cleaning filter!

Increases saturation of less saturated colors Ignores skin tones.

Boosts over all saturation, and can cause colors to clip. However, Fine tune saturation not here, use, hue, saturation and luminance with the HSL/Grayscale Panel and the Targeted Adjustment Tool

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