Key Board shortcuts

Spot Removal = Q Key

Shift + Q
switches between Clone and Heal modes.

Page Down
scrolls the magnifier through the entire image, from top to bottom.

Space Bar
Screen Drag Tool--- a hand appears letting you move the screen.

Mac Command + Z = Undo
PC Control + Z = Undo

[ = Makes spot tool smaller
] = Makes spot tool larger

Mac Option Key
PC Alt Key
Turns Cursor into a pair of scissors ... Move the curser inside a spot (target or source) and click... (hope you don't have the sound turned up too loud)

Y key
before spot removal and after spot removal


H Key
Hides the spots source and target's white outline

activates the Visualize Spots view.

/ (Back Slash Key)
Forces Lightroom to find an alternate source for the target area

(Mac) Command Key
(PC) Ctrl key
-clicking creates a spot target. Still holding down Command / Ctrl you can drag around your image to select a source.

(Mac) Command-Option
(PC) Ctrl+Alt
dragging allows you to create a target spot that you can scale from its center.

(Mac) Command-Shift
(PC) Ctrl+Shift
dragging creates a target spot that you can scale from the cursor point where you clicked.

You can increase or decrease the size of the target by

Spot Removal


You can "Clone" or "Heal" spots with the click of the mouse button
The Clone
is an exact copy of a nearby area in the image, you can change the size and opacity of the cloned area.
The Heal area
is a copy of the texture and the luminance of a nearby area. You can change it's size and opacity. Generally a "heal" patch blends easier than a cloned area...

After you click, you can drag the cloned source or target with the mouse, just click inside the selected area , hold down the mouse and drag (a hand will appear and The source will point at the target).

In the image below the magnifier was set to 1:1, the 'Visualize Spots' slider at 100%... Pressing the Page Down key will scroll you through the entire image in 100% chunks...


Content Aware Fill

Holding down the left mouse button and dragging (Click and Drag) the spot tool turns on content aware fill. The area you draw over becomes the target, the computer will choose the source.

You can move the source and target by clicking inside the selected areas, holding down the mouse and drag... or use the up/down and/or left/right arrow keys...

Using the shift key to draw straight lines


Spot  Removal Tip
—Applying your edits across several many images


You do your dust spot removal in one image and then apply the dusting out to a series of photos…

In the Synchronize Settings panel check √ Only Spot Removal and then click the Synchronize button..


The dust removal is applied to ALL SELECTED PHOTOS…