Below are the same settings in Photoshop's Camera Raw

Click the images to see a larger version... CR-Tonecurve CR-Tonecurve-1



More Tone Curve Articles

George Jardine has an excellent article and video about using the The Tone Curve Panel.

His About Tone Curves article is published in Digital PhotoPro.

For more “free’ material from George Jardine Check out this page, where there is a video on using Tone Curves.











































Placing "points" on either side of the value you want to adjust, limits the effect to mostly between the limiting outer points...

Tone Curves

We are now going continue the Case Study using Just Process 2012...

The Parametric Tone Curve Panel

A quick method to fine tuning your Tone Mapping for (Contrast and Brightness). Works in conjunction/tandem with the Basic Panel, but is a different process and as a result, best practice dictates setting your tone mapping in the Basic Panel First

1. Goal, Use the TAT to:
Increase the contrast between the clouds and darken the shade of blue in the sky by "darkening" the lights. See below...


2. Goal, Darken the Darks by increasing the contrast...


3. Goal, Brighten the shadows...


The "Point" Tone Curve

Fine Tunes the parametric curve settings.

4. Goal, add more contrast in the highlights... LR5-tonecurve004

5, Goal, slightly darken the green in the water... LR5-tonecurve005

The changes made with the Tone Curve Panel