Editing in Photoshop with Layers

1. "Adjustment Layers"

Before Camera Raw and Lightroom, photographs were edited individually in Photoshop "non-destructively" with adjustment layers.

The Photoshop setup for adjustment layers

2. "Raw" Smart Object Layers

Some Lightroom edits are Global only… In the following example, the HSL Panel is a global tool. When you change Hue, Saturation, and Luminance in an image the edit is applied across the entire image.

Two global edits in Lightroom

To apply two different Global edits you need to send your Photograph to Photoshop and "blend or composite" the images in Photoshop Layers.  In this example we will export a single image with 2 snapshots to Photoshop as a “Smart Object”

Learn how to do it   → Editing in Photoshop as a Smart Object

3. “Merging Aligned Layers”

Goal: to align backgrounds and merge parts of the image

4 frames of Maiya

Merging Maiya 1 frame, 4 Maiyas

Learn how to  → Merge Layer Stacks …

4. Smart Layer Stacks.

The images do not need to be “raw” The goal is to remove objects in an image like noise or people or things. Eg) No Maiya!

No Maiya

Learn more about the Removal Technique  →→  The Removal Technique

5. The Focus Layer Stack

Occasionally the subject you are focused on isn’t all “in focus!”

Shooting images for Layer Stacking It’s best to use a tripod to capture the image, and to take more than 2 photos carefully focusing each shot. In this example I only shot 2 photos, and as a result the middle is still slightly out of focus!

Learn more about Focus Layer Stacking  →→  FocusStacking.html