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Importing Photos from Mac Aperture

John Beardsworth at Lightoom Solutions has written extensively about importing from Apple's Aperture program into Lightroom.

In his discussion he says the import will preserve folder structure… Projects, folders and albums will become Lightroom collection sets and collections and Versions will become Lightroom virtual copies – You can read his article here...

Moving your Apple Libraries to an external drive…

Apple by default buries you photographs In your Users > Pictures Folder. In the Pictures folder you should see one or more of the following icons (the icons are really folders where your images reside and are hidden on your Mac.)

  1. Go to your Photos folder that’s in your user named directory.
  2. "Drag and Drop" the iPhoto Library icon to your external hard drive.
  3. dragand%20drop
  4. Let the files copy (this might take some time).
  5. Hold down the Option key, Then open iPhoto.
  6. from the iPhoto Dialogue Choose, click, Other Library… (Select the iPhoto library on your external hard drive.)
  7. Verify everything moved to your external drive.
  8. Now delete the iPhoto Library from the boot drive. (Macintosh HD)

Yes, I have two answers for you!!! Importing depends on whether you have been using the older Mac iPhoto program or the newer Mac Photos program.

Importing photographs from the older Apple iPhoto

Adobe put has an import app that runs in Lightroom

In the Lightroom Library:
Select the Menu File > Plug-in Extras > import from iPhoto Library

In the requester as shown below
choose your iPhoto Library.photolibrary or iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary by default they are in your Macs User Pictures folder
if you moved the libraries to an external hard drive look for them there!
I put the Mac libraries in a folder called iPhotos the path I used shows the hard drive is named "GTS" ...


Choose the destination where you want the images from iPhotos to be moved to on your external drive. I named my external drive Photos2 and I want put the iPhotos images inside a folder I call “AllPhotographs”

Before you do the import click the "Options" button and choose the appropriate options... Click okay the click "Import"

In Lightroom your iPhotos Collection should look something like this

Keep the iPhoto libraries for future reference

Importing photographs from the new Apple Photos

If you are using the new Photos you need export your images in the Photos Program to an external folder, then import those images using Lightroom You may need to export twice.

First Export

  1. If you have edited some of your images in Photos select the images you wish to export or more easily select them all
    1. Menu item: Edit > Select all
  2. Choose menu item
    1. File > Export > Export (number of images)…
  3. In the requester choose file type tiff (no raw file export here!)
      Also choose color profile, include key words, location Choose Your file naming
  4. Click export
      Choose a folder (I’d put them on your external hard drive in all your photos folder. (later import them into Lightroom Using “add”)

Second Export (if the files are “Raw”)

  1. Choose menu item
    1. File > Export > Export Unmodified Originals For (number of images)…

    To see an Apple discussion with details Check out this webpage in the section Titled:
    Export Photos in their Original Format
    I would put the edited and originals in the same folder. Once you have Exported the picture files, Import them into Lightroom !

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