Flat Bed and Film Scanning

What to look for…

Medium, What are you scanning?
Scans Prints, 35mm & Medium Format Film or larger?
Flatbeds do both prints and negatives/slides from 35 mm and up…
Film scanners are more specialized and just do slides and negatives 35mm some do larger negative/film sizes.


Optical Resolution: should be at least 6400 dpi
Max Resolution: 12800 x 12800 dpi
Optical Density: 3.4 - 4.0 Dmax (higher the density the greater the detail in the scan) Color Depth: 48-bit

Check out Comparison Charts? Search at B&H, Adorama or Amazon for “photo scanners” and/or “film scanners”


Use your DSLR/Mirrorless camera and a “slide” duplicator attachment
http://opteka.com/slidecopier.aspx Or visit a used camera store…

Copy prints or art work with your camera??
Use soft lighting or shoot in the shade on a sunny day…
Watch out for specular highlights Always do a manual white balance and always use a tripod!

Software for film negatives/slides

SilverFast (expensive) https://www.silverfast.com/buyonline/en.html
(Bundled with some higher end scanners) VueScan (highly recommended)
http://www.hamrick.com (if you have an older scanner, Vuescan will bring it back to life with added features!) Works with over 3000 known scanners!

Scan Examples
A V600 Epson Flatbed scanner
A Nikon 4000 Coolscan film scanner (Not manufactured any more)
A Sony a6000 Camera.