4 kinds of Collections

Use Collections to Rate your photos and to work with your KEEPER PHOTOS.

1. The Quick Collection

  1. A selection is a Temporary grouping of photos in various Library folders.
  2. You can add a selection to a Quick Collection by pressing the B key (Unless the B key has already been assigned to a Targeted Collection
  3. Or use, Menu: Photo > Add to Quick Collection
  4. LR remembers Quick Collections until cleared
  5. A Quick Collection is indicated by a filled circle in the top-right corner of the image in the grid or filmstrip
  6. There can only be one Quick Collection.
  7. You can add a quick collection to a new "Normal" collection
    1. If There is NO targeted Collection: Keyboard Shortcut:
      (Mac)Command + Alt/Option + B
      (PC) Control + Alt + B
    2. Fill in the Dialogue Box:NewCollection
    3. If you have a designated "Targeted" Collection, the quick collection will be added to the Targeted + Collection.

2. "Normal" Collections

  1. You choose what you put in the collection
  2. Drag & Drop
  3. Highlight / Select the photos, then creating a new Collection will add the photos to the collection.
  4. You can make a collection a Targeted Collectiontargetcollection
    Add more photos to the collection by pressing the B key
  5. You can sort images in a "Collection" in the Library or in the Film Strip.

3. Smart Collections

  1. The computer adds the photos following the Rules you chose (Let the Computer do the Work)
  2. You can not sort a "Smart" Collection"

4. Project Collections


  1. Books
  2. Slideshows
  3. Printing
  4. Web
More about project collections later...