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Lightroom Essentials and Beyond

"Making a picture that's technically what you want is where photography begins, not where it ends."

--Michael C. Johnston

Work in Lightroom with Photoshop and Plugins

Make Studio Prints

Black & Whites

HDR Effects

Layer Focus Stacks

Change the sky

Tone in Lightroom

Send to Photoshop

Edit details in Photoshop

Save back to Lightroom

Print from Lightroom

Targeted HSL Adjustments

Mobile ready

Lightroom for Android or iOS

Sync's Automatically

with your PC
Or Mac

Goal: Recover highlights

Use Tool Bar: Gradient Adjustment

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The Workflow... Editing with Lightroom and Photoshop

Books, Slide Shows, Printing, Social Media... Exporting and Publishing from Lightroom

Hands-on How to do it... Tutorials and Case Studies

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Lightroom & Photoshop for Photographers

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