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Photographic Editing using Photoshop Lightroom

The new processing engine, Process 2012, in Lightroom 4/5 has made such big improvements that 90 - 95 percent of your photographic work can be done within Lightroom.

As a result Adobe's Lightroom, is the ideal initial editing environment for ALL of your images, Raw or JPG's. Once the image has been optimized in the Develop Module, we can do fine tune editing in Photoshop or PS Elements, doing specific tasks such as Content Aware Fill/Move, HDR merging, making Panoramas, and non-destructive re-touching.


  • Transfer to Computer - Ingestion
    • to 2 different hard drives (or a CD/DVD)
    • Add Keywords
    • Add Meta Data

    Verify Ingestion

    • Verify that the photos have downloaded to both locations
    • Never delete the photos from the flash card on the computer

    Preliminary viewing and selection

    • Rough Editing (did that shot work?)
    • Quick Edits, no need to be precise, yet!
    • Select images Round 1
      • Put the rated images in a collection
      • Use Star * Ratings
      • Just use the #1 - #5 keys
      • Add additional Key words
      • Add IPTC Data
    • Rate images again in a second Round of viewing

    Enhance The Keeper Photos

    • Do everything you can in Lightroom

    • Only edit photos that are in a collection

      • Do Global Edits
      • Start with the Develop Basic Panel
      • Work your way down through each slider
        • Do not skip panels, especially the Tone Curves
        • TAT!
        • Do Selective "Local" edits
        • The adjustment Brush
        • gradients


        • In Photoshop if Necessary


        • Softproof
          • For Print
          • And, for the web!
        • Backup
        • Distribute
        • Print
          • Use OEM ink and paper for best results.
          • Or use paper profiled for your printer
          • Or profile the printer
        • Publish
          • share - e-mail
          • Make a Book
          • Web Pages
          • SlideShows
      • Archive the keepers
        • Harddrive
        • In the "clouds"

      Homework, As Always

      Practice, Practice, Practice...

1. Calibrate Your Monitor

At the bare minimum you should make sure that you set the Brightness and Contrast of your monitor.

For details go to this web page Calibrating Your Monitor


2. Establish a plan to backup your Photographs

Backup Scheme #1

Backup Scheme

Your backup drive or the duplicate drive would have a different name, should the original drive fail, just rename the duplicate drive to the same name as the working drive. You use software that does folder synchronization, copies only "new" files from the source folder to the destination folder, and deletes missing files in the destination folder if the file is "missing-has been deleted in the source folder".

Backup Scheme #2

A Raid 1, setup... using Mac/PC software (Software raids are always slower than a dedicated hardware raid like Drobo...)

The structure of the files in the Hard drives should look like this...


The folder "AllPhotographs" is at the "root" of the Hard drive, named in this case Photo2

AllPhotographs contains not only your photos, but also the Lightroom Catalogue... In otherwords, you can take it with you anywhere as the catalogue travels with the Photos, they are not bound to the computer's default, system drive location.

3. Fill out and save your IPTC Metadata Preset

In Lightroom

Here's how to work with IPTC metadata Working with metadata

(In Photoshop, you would fill out the IPTC Metatdata form available in the program "Bridge")

Menu item:
Metadata > Edit Metadata Presets…

If you want to learn more about IPTC (International Press Tele-Communications Council) Metadata check out their website

Here are two excellent videos 

How Lightroom works… A video by George Jardine (This should be required viewing for ALL Lightroom users. )



And here is a video on how to use the Filter bar  http://mulita.com/training/sample-lib4/, A Free sample Movie by George Jardine

It's a really REALLY good tutorial on how to use the Filter Bar.


That should do it for now… If you have a question… 'holler



Keyboard short Cut
Control + , (PC)
Command + , (Mac)

All of the preferences panels have buttons for restoring "factory" defaults.

Some of the items pop up a yellow explanation box if you hover your pointer over the item.

General Tab

Choices here a pretty straight forward. But, Note that there is a link button for Catalogue Settings

General prefs

Presets Tab

If you have made presets based on ISO for each camera, this is where you 'Turn it on'. Note: that there is a button that opens where Lightroom stores the presets and plug-ins on YOUR computer. Handy that!

Presets tab

External Editing Tab

If you have Photoshop, Lightroom will automatically make it the default external editor. You can set up 3rd party apps here, and there is probably no reason why you couldn't make the Raw Editor that come with your camera a choice...

I would check the Stack with originals box, otherwise when you save your work in the external editor, it'll be the "last" thumbnail in the Library, and you'll wonder where it went!

External editor prefs

File Handling Tab

If you want to embed the Original Raw file when you "Export As... a DNG, this is where you turn that feature on...

File Handling

Interface Tab

Let's you customize how Lightroom Looks

Interface Preferences

Lightroom Resources

Free eBooks and excerpts from various authors/publishers

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5
The entire Chapter 4 About the Develop Module... from the Book Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers
| Peachpit | by Martin Evening

Free Lightroom 6 eBook
Lightroom Quick Start eBooks by Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen, an Adobe Community Professional & Certified Expert. After you sign in you can download the free ebook for either or both for Lightroom 5 and Lightroom 6.



The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Book for Digital Photographers (Paperback), by Scott Kelby

Download an except here...

ShowCoverAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers
| Peachpit | by Martin Evening

On the Peachpit page link above under the Sample Content tab there are 3 excerpts and some sample pages from chapter 10.

DigNegThe Digital Negative by Jeff Schewe (Updated August 2015) Jeff Schewe

If you are ready to get absolutely the best out of your digital Images get this book!


From Craft & Vision is a photographic education company, based in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to serving an international community of photographers all running headlong into new ways of seeing the world and expressing that vision to others.

If You are new to Lightroom 5 Check Out Lightroom Up to Speed $5.00


If You are new to Lightroom 6 Check Out Lightroom 6 Up to Speed $8.00

Adobe's Lightroom Youtube collection

Adobe has placed over 60 video tutorials on YouTube

3rd Party Video Tutorials

Lr4c_15off Advanced Guide + New User's Introduction to Lightroom 4A multi-hour series of Training Videos with Jeff Schewe & Michael Reichmann

A free preview is available at the link above.

Users new to Lightroom should start with the Lightroom 4 tutorial and work through to the Lightroom 5 tutorial. The Lightroom 5 Videos are added to the Lightroom 4 tutorial collection.

Little-Mule-Productions-logo2Adobe Lightroom Video Workshop – 18 Tutorials on the Lightroom Library Workflow and Digital Photo Library Management, For Both Lightroom 4 & 5 …

Previews are available at the above links

LightroomAdobeTV on Lightroom (Free)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 videos from the Basics to advanced topics that include: Creating Slideshows with Lightroom 5, Book Creation with Lightroom 5, Photography Workflow with Lightroom 5, Getting Started in Lightroom 5 and, New Features in Lightroom 5.

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