OS Computer Settings!

 It's important that you know the extension of your photographs

Mac and Windows OS's by default hide the 3 letter file extension for all files... You need to know what they are as the extensions are part of the filename and is needed by ALL browsers so they knows what to do with the file... Here's how you set that up
On Windows XP
On Windows Vista
  • Go to My Computer and choose Organize > Folder and Search Options
  • Select the View tab and deselect "Hide extensions" for known file types
  • Press OK.
On Windows 7
  • Open an Explorer window and choose Organize > Folder and Search Options
  • Select the View tab -- and deselect the Hide extensions for known file types
  • Press OK.
To see the above with pictures and arrows go to Indezine.com

Making Extensions visible in OS X (Mac)

open the Finder, then choose
Finder > Preferences
Choose the Advanced Tab
Check the Show all file extensions box

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Photoshop/Photoshop Elements PREFERENCE Settings


Menu Item (PC)
Edit > Preferences, or
Keyboard Short Cut
Control K
Menu Item Mac
Photoshop > Preferences, or
Keyboard Short Cut
Command K

Some of the preferences you'll change to your own "tastes" as you become more familiar with the operation and workings within Photoshop!

Most of the Preference changes won't take effect until you quit Photoshop and restart it!

Color Management: Photoshop Elements (PSE)

PSE menu item:
Edit > Color Settings:
You'll see this, Choose "Always Optimize for Printing" PSEColorsettings

Always Optimize For Printing Uses Adobe RGB as the RGB working space; the Grayscale working space is Dot Gain 20%. This option preserves embedded profiles and assigns Adobe RGB when opening untagged files.

The Lightroom → Photoshop round trip

Edit in...


Sending a "Raw" file to Photoshop needs to be converted from the raw linear data into an RGB bitmapped file. You edit pixels in Photoshop.

You also need to make sure the Color Space in Photoshop matches what you see in Lightroom.

To Send your image(s) From Lightroom to Photoshop for editing!

Editing in Adobe Photoshop CC...

  • Open As Smart Object in Photoshop... When you need to do a Local Edit That cannot be done in Lightroom!