Lightroom: The Essential Workflow

"The negative is comparable to the composer's score and the print to its performance. Each performance differs in subtle ways. --Ansel Adams

The essential "work flow!" for Lightroom and Photoshop


An ideal editing environment for ALL of your images, Raw or JPG's! 90 - 95 percent of your photographic editing can be done within Lightroom.

In Lightroom

In Photoshop

"Step 1" Introduction to Lightroom

Introduction to Lightroom

When Editing in Lightroom

You are:

Editing Linear Data nondestructively
Editing Virtual Copies

TYNTDBYB --Things you need to do before you begin!







"Step 2" Importing and the Library


  1. Transfer to Computer - Ingestion
    • to 2 different hard drives (or a CD/DVD)
    • Add Keywords
    • Add Meta Data
  2. Verify Ingestion


    Preliminary viewing and the first selection

    • Creating a Collection"
    • Rough Editing (did that shot work?)
    • Quick Edits, no need to be precise, yet!
    • Select images Round 1
      • Put the rated images in a collection
      • Use Star * Ratings, use the #1 - #5 keys
      • Add additional Key words
      • Add more IPTC Data
      • Rate images again in a second Round of viewing...


"Step 3" Developing your images

Dodging and Burning

Enhance The Keeper Photos

Polish & Finish images In Photoshop (if Necessary)

"Step 4" Photoshop Techniques

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When Editing in Photoshop

Photoshop is a pixel RGB Bitmap editor
Pixel Values are changed permanently
You Need adjustment layers to edit non-destructively

"Step 5" Export: Much Better than Save

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