Content Aware Fill - Photoshop CC 2019 only.

Changing the Universe, one pixel at a time.

Content Aware Fill...

Before you begin, ask your self:
1: Are you just removing an object or imperfection from your Photograph? (Use Content aware fill)
2: Do you want to Remove and then Move the object/subject to a new location in your image? (use a layer mask trick)

1: Content aware fill

Step 1:
use the lasso tool to "loosely" select the object.

Step 2:
Select the Menu: Photoshop > Edit > Content Aware Fill
This Takes you to a new working environment!


The Content-Aware Tool Bar

In the Content-Aware Fill Workspace, Modifies how the fill generates the new background with the following tools and options:

1: Sampling Brush Tool

Use the Sampling Brush Tool Adds or removes sampling areas.
By default, a green overlay indicates what Photoshop CC 2019 uses to generate the fill.
To add or remove the sampling area, paint directly on the overlay. The results appears in the Preview panel as soon as you release your mouse.
Use the Add or Subtraction buttons in the Options bar
Sampling%20Brush Or the Keyboard Shortcut
Press the Alt key (PC) or Option Key (Mac)
to switch between adding or subtracting from the current setting
You can use the tool bar to adjust the size of the brush, or the keyboard shortcut:
Left square Bracket: [ or Right Square bracket: ]

Lasso Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool
You can modify your original selection by using the Lasso Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tools, available in the toolbar.
Lasso Tool: Click-and-drag to draw a freehand selection.
Polygonal Lasso Tool: Creates straight-edged selections.

Selection%20Tools Expand or Contract Buttons:
Select either the Lasso or Polygonal Lasso Tool
In the options bar you can Expand or Contract the selection based on the number of pixels in the corresponding popup slider.

Hand Tool and Zoom Tool
Hand Tool: Moves the image on the canvas. Press the space bar. A Double Click displays a fitted screen image.
Zoom Tool: Magnifies the view of an image. (Double click zooms the image to 100%)

The Content-Aware Panel

Sampling Options

50% by default.
Green is the default color, Changes the color of the overlay
Selects either the The sampled area, or the excluded area.

Fill Settings

Color Adaptation
Allows contrast and brightness to adapt to match the background.
Fills the content with gradual color or texture changes.

Rotation Adaptation
Allows content rotation to match the background.
Fills content with rotated or curved patterns.

Content resizing to match the background.
best with repeating patterns, different sizes or perspective.

horizontal flip to match the backgroung.
Best with images with horizontal symmetry.

Content-Aware Output

Current Layer
Saves the "fill" in the current selected layer
New Layer
Best Practice Option... non-destructive workflow --Saves to a new layer

Duplicate Layer
duplicates the original layer with the new fill.

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