Converting Photographs to Black and White Resources

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The early pioneers of modern photography were Astronomers!. On February 25, 1839, The word "Photography" was coined by the German Astronomer, Johann von Maedler in a German newspaper article called the Vossische Zeitung. But, 17 days later on March 14, 1839, Sir John Herschel popularized the word "photography" in a lecture at the Royal Society of London.

Original Black and White photographs were the result of the art of exposing light with various chemical compositions in the dark room lab to achieve the anticipated vision of the photographer. Ansel Adams always stated that the negative was the "composition" and the print was the "performance".

The images below were processed with a Topaz Labs plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom called BW Effects The purpose is to show you the result of using various chemical techniques to develop a photograph... What "we" want (in some cases) to emulate in our digital photographs.


Inks and paper