Photoshop CS5 introduced Content Aware Fill and this is how it worked --with a "wrinkle" to do an animation!…

Step 1.
Load the photograph in your class CD that is in the folder “AwareFill” (or use your own)

Step 2.
When we edit anything in Photoshop we should practice “Non-Destructive Editing.” To do that Find the Layers palette

Menu: Windows > Layers or the keyboard shortcut F7 (function key 7)

Step 3. Duplicate the background layer by (PC) right clicking in the blue layer if you have a (Mac) Control Click.


Step 4.
The layer palette should now look like this


You'll notice that the padlock is missing... and the duplicate layer is unlocked... (You can also unlock a layer by double clicking on the padlock or layer.)

Step 5
Make sure that Background copy is highlighted in blue (The blue color tells you that the layer is "active")
In the Tool Bar select the Quick Selection Tool


Key board shortcut W

Step 6
Using the mouse draw inside Garry to make the selection. If the marching ants, the marquee effect goes outside Garry in the tools options bar select the subtraction brush...


You should be able to hold down the alt key (PC) or the Option Key (Mac) to switch between adding and subtracting the selection. The key here is to hold down the alt/option key to switch between adding and subtracting.

Once you have made the selection we want to save the selection as we are going to do more than just make Garry disappear... Note, when you save the file the save selection will go a way, it is not saved permanently.

Step 7

Choose the Menu: Select > Save Selection


and name the selection (garry) in the dialogue box


Step 7

Copy the selection to a new layer

Press the key board shortcut Control J (PC) or Command J (Mac)

The layers palette should now look like this


Step 8

Activate just the Background Copy

Activate background

You'll note that by clicking the "eye ball" the layer turns off and becomes invisible on the canvas. For now we just want the Background copy active, as indicated by the color blue.

Step 9

We need to reload the saved selection...

Menu: Selection > Load Selection


Step 10

We want to "grow" or expand the selection by at least 10 pixels so the computer can figure out what to draw behind the image...

Choose the Menu: Select > Modify > Expand...and enter 10 pixels


Step 11

Choose the Menu: Edit > Fill and choose Contents: Use Content-Aware from the drop down menu...


Click okay and "Poof"


To clear the outline of the selection choose the

Menu: Select > Deselect

Up Next... Animating the Puppet (Master) Garry ---Puppet Warp...

Until then have fun, and Practice, Practice, Practice