Photoshop For Photographers --Part 1

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*No it's not Klingon... Things you need to do and know


Photographic Editing using Photoshop CS 6's Camera Raw 7.* and with Photoshop CS6/PSE 11

The new processing engine, Process 2012, in Photoshop CS 6's Camera Raw 7 (and in Lightroom 4) has made such big improvements that 90 - 95 percent of your photographic work can be done with these programs.

As a result Adobe's Camera Raw 7*, is the ideal initial editing environment for ALL of your images, Raw or JPG's. Once the image has been optimized in Camera Raw, we can do fine tune editing in Photoshop or PS Elements, doing specific tasks such as Content Aware Fill/Move, HDR merging, making Panoramas, and non-destructive re-touching.


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Do everything you can in Camera Raw or Lightroom

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