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Lesson 1 - Non-destructive Editing

Week 1: February 21
- Setting up Photoshop & Introduction to Photoshop

Select by subject: New in Photoshop. Editing with AI Penquin

Non-Destructive Editing in PS and PSE

The Healing Brushes

Using layers…

Using Layers with the Patch tool

Bonus: How to create a "Clipping Mask"

Making a clipping Mask

Lesson 2 - Selections and Layers

Week 2 February 28
Editing using selections and layers (Simple Layer and Masking techniques)

How to use a selection tool, example is "colorizing a shirt"

Merging simple Masked layers

A quick way to soften skin using Gaussian Blur Summary Web page links for detailed notes on the above subjects

Listed below are different kinds of "spacial layer" techniques. More about these kinds of links can be found here... Editing with Layers

  • Adjustment Layers
  • Raw Smart Object Layers
  • Merging aligned layers
  • Adding objects to a single image.
  • Smart Layer Stacks
  • Subtract noise or remove unwanted objects
  • Focus Layers stacks

Bonus challenge: a more advanced way to smooth skin in portraits... A skin quick soften technique

Lesson 3 -“Select and Mask”

Week 3: March 7
How to “Select and Mask” in Photoshop

Master the basic Panel --in Lightroom's Develop Model, Photoshop's Camera Raw and PSE's Camera Raw

Before you do any masking , selecting or other manipulations ALWAYS edit your photos with the basic panel first. You’ll find the basic notes/shortcuts here…

History of obsoleted tools for making selections. These tools still work in Photoshop, they include:

  • Marquee Tools: Rectangle, Circle. Single Line
  • Lasso, Polygonal, Magnetic
  • Select by color
  • The Pen Tool

The new Photoshop environment for “Select and Mask”

  • Key Board Short Cuts
  • The technique for “Select and Mask”
  • Replacing a background in 5 minutes or so…

Select and Mask

Download a printable step by step tutorial selected area

You can read the same step by step tutorial online at this link

Lesson 4 -- Other things you can do in Photoshop

Week 4: March 14
Other things you can do in Photoshop

Content Aware Fill -- Photoshop CC 2019

Content Aware Fill details ContentAwareFill

Content Aware Move Photoshop 2018

Works well with simple backgrounds

moving post

The New Content Aware Move Tool

Content Aware Fill -- Legacy

A look at using the legacy "Content Aware Fill", with a twist! jumping-jack

The Syllabus

The syllabus for Photoshop for Photographers. It's a pdf file, if you right click it'll download or you can just open it in your Browser! Photoshop for Photographers Syllabus Winter 2019