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Camera Raw

*No it's not Klingon... Things you need to do and know


Continue to Learn What's New in Photoshop CS5 & PSE 10

  1. Content Aware Fill (Content Aware Brush in PSE 9)
  2. Puppet Warp
  3. Content Aware Scale (Re-compose in PSE 8)
  4. HDR Pro
  5. HDR Toning
  6. Refine Edge (Selection fine tuning)
  7. Lens Correction
  8. Camera Raw
    1. De-mosaic, Sharpen, Noise, Vignette
    2. Lens Correction

Learn how to Use the Bridge/Organizer

Digital Asset Management

Image processing in Camera Raw

Before you send any photograph to Photoshop, it SHOULD be processed first in Camera Raw.

Learn Photography Photoshop Techniques

  1. Selections
    • Quick Selection
    • Pen Tool
  2. Masking
  3. Compositing
  4. Merging Images
  5. Correcting Red Eye the Right Way
  6. Healing Brush
  7. Clone Tool
  8. Sharpening
  9. Smart Objects
  10. Cropping
  11. Softproofing
  12. Printing


Practice, Practice, Practice...