This is a NEW feature in Photoshop CS5 called Puppet Warp. In the previous tutorial, Content Aware Fill, we had made a layer that just contains the selection we made (Garry), Layer 1.

Step 1
select garry layer

Duplicate Layer 1, (the Garry Layer) and Activate the top Garry layer by clicking on it to turn it blue, To make the layer visible in the canvas, turn "on" the eye ball (Click in the box to the left of the icon...)

garrywarpThis will give you two layers that contain our selection. (The gray checkered background means that that part of the image is transparent.) I renamed the layers, Layer 1 Garry Selection and Layer 2 Garry Warp

Step 2

load-selectiongarryReload the garry selection that you saved earlier

Step 3
Now choose the Menu Item
Edit > Puppet Warp

set  pins

Step 4
Puppet warp fills the selection with a wire mesh. Each "connection" in the mesh can be "moved" by setting pins with the pointer. This is how the puppet can be assigned "joints" that we can use to articulate the "puppet". Each pin can have 3 depths.

In this example we placed pins at the shoulders and hips.

move arms - legs Step 5
You can also use the pin settings to move the mesh. By placing pins at the hands and feet so you can warp the "puppet" by clicking on a pin (Any Pin!) and holding down the mouse button, drag the pin to a new location.

When you are done with the moves click the check mark to accept the changes.

Step 6
To save all your layers save the file as a .psd (PhotoShop Document) file. If you save the file as a .jpg or .png file you'll loose all your layers. Saving the file with a .tif extension also saves layer information.

Have fun warping!

To make the Animation, we need to use the Animation palette. That's next! the mean time

Practice, practice practice