An inexpensive Recommended LED Lighting Kit

Available on Amazon. This is what I am recommending. You can certainly choose other brands and vendors. Prices can vary up to 10x as much with other Brands and vendors. The following are links to each item at

Some suggestions for diffusers

Always shoot with soft lighting, lighting that is indirect or diffused and set the white balance manually for each unique lighting situation!

Large diffusers increases the size of the source light, a large source light produces a softer light AND reduces shadows

Other DIY Lights

see DIY Kit for more details

Other Lighting Parts

Purchased Light Boxes and accessories

Cyclorama for seamless backdrops! Buy curtains, iron them

Lighting Sets

Soft Lighting Techniques

Flash Lighting Kits

If you want to experiment with Flash (Strobe ) Lighting Check out this
  • list of equipment at Amazon
  • Strobe kits with umbrellas