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Perseid Meteors 2016 Clear skies all night at the Kent, OR Cemetery, just off of highway 97. Dwight and I saw hundreds of them, bright fireballs leaving rainbow trails.


Monterey Bay via Depoe Bay 2014 Clear skies in Depoe Bay? Checkout the starryscapes, find The Summer Triangle, The Double Cluster and M-31. The Big Sur Lighthouse was a treat as was the Aquarium...


Dickey Orphanage, Tibet Part of China Tour in 2005, we spent 3 days in Lahsa, this was most certainly one of the most poignant moments of our visit.

GPS map of the Beaumont Photowalk

A Photo Walk with a GPS Tracker. My friend Ken and I walked his neighbourhood in Beaumont, Alberta, June 30, 2013


Lunar Eclipses in the Pacific Northwest When it's NOT cloudy, foggy or raining.

Dripping Maple Leafs, Hudson Bay High School

Dripping Maple Leafs, Hudson Bay High School A Clark College Photo Walk. From the Best of 2013, Mostly photos from a trip to Winnipeg.

Grandpa Ray and the Kid next door

Grandpa Ray and the kid next door! Photos shot on film in the '70's and 80's. My very first set of favorites... I used a Nikkormat FT2, 50mm and 24mm primes and a Vivitar Series 1 28- 90 zoom.

Volcano, St. Helen's

Volcano St. Helen's Photos from before May 18, 1981 and after Johnston Ridge Observatory was officially opened.

Rocky Creek

Rocky Creek, Oregon, on US 101, just south of Depoe Bay. Some photos during a day trip in 2009.

Hu County, </a>Shangxi Province, China

Xian, China, A Farmer's Village,near the Painter Farmers "compound" in Hu County, Shaanxi Province, about 40 miles from Xian, China. This Gallery also contains photos in and around Xian.

Moulton Falls

Moulton Falls in Clark County A nice "mossy" walk March 2008 along a tributary of the Lewis River...

Vancouver, BC Aquarium

The aquarium in Vancouver, BC What a fun city to visit... we walked, took the bus, and road the "rail system"

Legislative Building in Winnipeg

Legislative buildings in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Where I grew up... This is a collection is photos I took in Winnipeg in the winter of 2007 and the summer of 2009.