Tuesday, 5:30 to 8:30 PM January 7th and January 14th
Clark College Continuing Education, Room CCE 210
Garry Stasiuk: Instructor
e-mail: garry@uofgts.com
Web Page: http://uofgts.com/phone/smartphone.html

SmartPhone Photography


Smart Phone Photography and Video

How to take better photographs and video using your smart phone


Master Smart Phone Photography features.


Smart Phones, Handouts and an internet connection

Out Comes / Procedures

  1. Take Control of the camera
    • Lenses
    • Shutter Button on screen, volume control and Earphone volume
    • The LED Flash
  1. Camera Options
    • Focus and Exposure Lock
    • Face Detection
    • Grid
    • HDR
    • Flash

Tips for Using Your Camera Options

  • How to Shoot
    • Composition
    • Shooting Tips and Tricks
    • Lighting

    How to manage and edit

    • Photographs
    • Video

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